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We do not stop at just showing a collection of resumes.
We recommend people with basic skills proven through the evaluation system and people with high probability of recruitment chosen from a number of job fairs. This is the reason why we get recruitment reviews that the developers who were employed through Programmers have superior basic competencies compared to other services.

Programmers The developer open recruitment was successfully performed through the recruitment service. The biggest merit was that the basic competency can be verified through the resume structure and coding test that allowed us to understand the development competency from the developer's point of view. The recruitment department also evaluated that they were able to interview and select those who had satisfactory development competency. It was an experience to meet good people with few HR resources in a short time.

11Street Co., Ltd. Recruit Manager - Back-end Developer Recruitment
Recommend suitable person of talent

Receive recommendation for person of talent
with high similarity to job postings.

  • Recommended algorithm is daily headhunting

    Just by registering a notice, we recommend every day talented individuals with high technical similarity & intention to work. Register as many conditions as you want in detail to increase the chances of finding the suitable person of talent.

  • 7 or more recommendations per week

    You can review at least 7 developers' profiles per week through the recommendation function. Meet more developers and increase the recruitment success rate.

Quantify applicant skill

To see the real talent, you should see the code.

Once you know what kind of person he/she is through the basic background, you need to know what kind of developer he/she is. We introduce the skill check function that enables this.

  • Skill check

    Skill check results are recorded between 1 and 5 levels, and to achieve each level, applicants will solve programming problems prepared for each level of difficulty. The solution details and the source code are recorded, so you can accurately grasp the applicant's style.

  • Job Fair Coding Test

    If the applicant ever participated in a job fair or programming competition, you can also view the problems the applicant have solved and source codes submitted at that time.

Skill check level

Skill check is a test for verifying understanding on the basic algorithm / data structure and for determining the ability to write code. The obtained level and the written code will be attached to the resume for a developer who completed the skill check. These tests do not represent all competencies, but the skill check results can be useful when you want to review applicants with the certain level or above. When searching for people of talents, put the skill check level into the filter!

  • Level 5 Top 1%

    Has very high logical ability. Some of top companies in the industry with heavy traffic hire applicants who passed Level 5.

  • Level 4 Top 10%

    Has high logical skills. Top companies in the industry select applicants who passed Level 4 to interview.

  • Level 3 Top 30%

    Has a certain level of ability. Applicants who passed Level 3 easily get interviews from many companies.

  • Level 2 Top 60%

    Programming basics for solving problems. Interviews take place at some companies, but more logical thinking is required.

  • Level 1 Top 90%

    Easy level for beginners in programming. It is unusual for applicants who only passed Level 1 to be hired.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Major Company New / Intern Open Recruitment
System Integration (SI) Industry
Game industry
Server developer average
Researcher / Industry
High school graduates special recruitment
In-house evaluation
Programming competition

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