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카카오 로고 라인 로고 LG 로고 CJ 그룹 로고 SK 로고 11번가 로고 기아 로고 쿠팡 로고 IBM 로고 Ebay 로고 KT 로고 동원그룹 로고 현대 로고 현대모비스 로고 현대무벡스 로고 현대카드 로고 현대 IT&E 로고 티맥스소프트 로고 우아한형제들 로고 GS SHOP 로고 엔씨소프트 로고 넷마블 로고 라이엇 게임즈 로고 데브시스터즈 로고 컴투스 로고 선데이토즈 로고 포스코 로고 신세계 그룹 로고 교보생명 로고 당근마켓 로고 이마트 로고 안랩 로고 골프존 로고 에이스프로젝트 로고 마이다스아이티 로고 파수 로고 메타넷 로고 리디 로고 엔테크서비스 로고 네이버 커넥트 재단 로고 다날 로고 다우기술 로고 코오롱베니트 로고 쏘카 로고 EA Korea 로고 위메프 로고 하이퍼커넥트 로고 와디즈 로고 우리은행 로고 우리 FIS 로고 국민은행 로고 카카오뱅크 로고 새마을금고 로고 NH 투자증권 로고 신한 DS 로고 미래에셋금융그룹 로고 케이뱅크 로고 translation missing: 연합뉴스 로고 중앙일보 로고 KBS 미디어 로고 JTBC 로고 한국조폐공사 로고 한전 KDN 로고 전력거래소 로고 카이스트 한국과학기술원 로고 경희대학교 로고 서강대학교 로고 서울여자대학교 로고 국민대학교 로고 서경대학교 로고 이화여자대학교 로고 광운대학교 로고 중앙대학교 로고 충남대학교 로고 강원대학교 로고 부산대학교 로고
Online supervision

Online testing without problems
even during COVID-19

Are you reluctant to have offline coding tests because of COVID-19? You can conduct fair tests with Programmers.

  • Online proctoring and recording

    The online monitoring function prevents cheating by recording the examinee's image/voice and screen. If you are burdened with offline testing, consider conducting online testing.

Stable Server Environment

Stable and Seamless Massive Tests
Hosting 20,000 Live Accesses

Programmers safely operates not only for small-scale tests but also for Korea's largest recruitment process. We provide stability and can quickly solve unexpected issues based on our solid server technology.

  • Thorough Preparation + High-End Server Environment

    We flexibly respond to sudden traffic growth through Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2) as well as server expansion and pre-load test(BMT) according to test size.

  • Large-Scale Offline Recruitment Support

    We directly support various situations that can happen in field tests, based on know-how gained from experience in local large-scale test operations with Kakao, LINE, SK Hynix, Netmarble, etc.

Strong Management Function

Powerful Tools
for Easy Test Management PREMIUM Only

Focus more easily on recruitment through management tools for test managers. These are essential for large-scale tests or complicated recruitment procedures.

  • Cheat Analysis

    Abnormal testing, such as code copying/pasting, typing someone else's source code, etc. is reported.

  • Multiple Access IP Tracking

    You can set a test to be inaccessible to multiple IPs at once. If such an attempt is detected, the IP is automatically blocked and follow-up measures by a test manager are requested.

  • Authority Setting per Manager

    If there are multiple managers involved in a test, the scope of authority may vary. You can set authority freely based on how you are hiring in a team.

Diversified Skill Verification

To learn more about the applicant's real proficiency,
configure your test using a variety of questions.

Configure a test with a variety of questions and check an applicant in various ways. We have questions for checking applicants' algorithm knowledge and utilization skills, and questions structured to check their question-solving skills and code styles.

Programming Test

Contains questions for checking basic coding ability and understanding regarding algorithms / data structures or SQL. You can check the applicant's knowledge range and communication ability by using multiple choice/essay problems.

  • Programming

    A specific situation to be solved by an applicant is given in question text. The situation is solved by using a programming language. This is suitable for checking the basic skills including ability to read the text and determine requirements, ability to select suitable algorithms / data structures and ability to write efficient code.

  • SQL

    SQL(Structured Query Language) is a database management language often used in practice, and is one of the basic skills of a developer. An applicant is given a situation to extract specific data or to enter or modify specific data to be evaluated on the ability to write appropriate and efficient SQL statements.

  • Multiple choice question

    By using a multiple choice question, an applicant's knowledge level or scope regarding the job can be determined in a quiz form.

  • Essay Test

    By using an essay question, you can get a glimpse of not only an applicant's logic, but also communication skills through the answers.

Practical Competency Test

This is a question for checking the applicant's expertise in jobs such as web, mobile and machine learning. You can determine basic programming skills as well as how well-qualified your applicant is for a particular position.

  • Data Science

    Source code submitted by an applicant is directly run on the web using the Jupyter environment. There is no need for a separate download. An applicant need to process vast amounts of data and derive meaningful information.

  • Machine Learning

    An applicant needs to write a machine learning algorithm that meets requirements. Source code submitted by the applicant is also directly run on the web using the Jupyter environment. There is no need for a separate download.

  • Web Full-stack

    An applicant needs to develop a web application that satisfies both given back-end/front-end functional specifications. Source code uploaded to the Github repository can be executed without separate installation, and server log and the like can be checked.

  • Web Front-end

    A front-end part is developed based on given screen development requirements. Source code uploaded to the Github repository can be executed without separate installation, and server log and the like can be checked.

Price Information

Trial Free Trial

20 Applicants Free (For 30 days)

Free for 30 days! Experience basic functions of Programmers. You can create a coding test by using a demo problem set and invite up to 20 applicants.

  • Demo QuestionSet
  • Create Your Own Question
  • Invite 20 Applicants / 1 invitation ticket per person
  • 1 Manager
Start Free Trial!


₩11,000 per applicant (VAT included)

Suitable when the recruitment intake is small. You can use the basic question set for checking the understanding and utilization ability with respect to algorithms / data structures.

  • Basic Question Set
  • Create Your Own Question
  • Unlimited Invitation / 1 invitation ticket per person
  • 1 Manager


Separate Contract

Suitable when recruitment scale is large (open recruitment) or when a more elaborate method is needed to select applicants. You can experience all the expertise of Programmers related to coding tests.

  • Premium Question Set
  • Create Your Own Question
  • Unlimited Invitation / 1 invitation ticket per person
  • 5 Managers
  • Manager Function for Human Resources Personnel and Interviewer based on Authority
  • Variety of Test Options for Local Employment Environment
  • Cheating Detection Function
  • Test Site Operation (Extra charge)
Detailed Price Information

Use Programmers coding test solution for 30 days free and
reduce time and costs for hiring developers.