Monito, an online proctoring and test administration solution

Securely administer and monitor
online tests.

Conduct fair and transparent online testing
by monitoring the environment and screen simultaneously.

A completely secure online testing environment

Monito provides both convenient test-creating tools and monitoring functions to prevent cheating.

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    How is testing behavior monitored for cheating?

    Monito uses the examinee’s screen, webcam, and mobile phone simultaneously to monitor the user throughout the test.

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    An AI-powered cheating detection system is usedto analyze examinee recordings.

    Verify examinees through facial recognition and detect potential cheating with analysis of unusual behavior, movements of the eye, and sound patterns.

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    What types of tests are supported?

    Monito supports creating tests with all traditional formats, including multiple-choice, short- answer, and essay questions.

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    Simultaneous access by up to 10,000 examinees is supported.

    Our testing environments are completely secure, based on our expertise from administering over 100,000 online tests, including nationwide large-scale recruitment tests.

Easy and Convenient Online Test Administration

  • Create Tests
  • Add Examinees
  • Run Online Proctored Tests
  • Individually Score Examinees

Create Tests

Create questions for tests.
Monito supports a variety of question formats for tests.

  • Tests can be created with multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions
  • Set time limits and maximum score for the test
  • Set test duration

Add Examinees

Register examinees for the test.
Examinees can enter a test by entering the testing room code and their personal information.

  • Register examinees with their email and phone numbers
  • Mass registration of examinees supported through Excel file upload
  • Generate unique test codes

Run Online Proctored Tests

Administer testing with real-time monitoring.
Monitor examinees' behavior, speech, and screen activity.

  • Real-time webcam monitoring
  • Real-time screen monitoring
  • Real-time mobile phone camera monitoring
  • Proctor tests aided by video recording

Individually Score Examinees

Score each examinee’s results and record the scores.
The recorded data is downloadable as an Excel file.

  • Make records of individual scores
  • Download examinee records as an Excel File.
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Our Company Has Industry Expertise from Past Business Successes and Experience Conducting Over 100,000 Online Tests

Monito is the product of demonstrated technical expertise and knowledge of online test environments!

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Qualification and Skills Testing for Your Organization

  • Move qualification testing to an online environment.

  • Verify and measure examinees' skills remotely.

Skill check

Business Uses

  • Monito is an easy, convenient alternative to in-company skills tests.

  • Monito allows up to 10,000 examinees to securely log on simultaneously for monitoring.

  • The proctor can monitor examinees in the online Monitoring Center and message examinees.

▸▸▸A Message from Your Proctor

If you have completed setting up the cameras, start the test immediately.

Administer College Midterm and Final Exams

  • Design questions using a variety of question types to suit the course content.

  • Administer tests fairly by monitoring the examinee’s screen, webcam, and mobile phone at once.

  • Use class year of students to manage their score records.

Prepare for your Monito test

Watch the video below to learn how to prepare for the Monito test.

  • Real-Time Video Recording

    Check the examinees and their surroundings with a webcam and phone camera and monitor their screen activity.

  • Real-Time Screen Monitoring

    See the examinee’s screen in real-time and record all screen activity.

  • Administrator Management

    Co-manage the test with several administrators and share the test questions you make with other administrators.

  • A Variety of Question Types

    Multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay questions are supported. Create your test with any combination of questions.

  • Test Administration/Scoring

    Manage administrated tests and get individual scores for each examinee.

  • Manage Examinees

    Conveniently search for test results of users and download results as an Excel file.

Subscription Information

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(The trial version has a limit on the number of examinees that can be invited.)

Business Plan

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* There are no fees for examinees taking the test.